Cash Advance


Stuck in a cash jam?

Sometimes cash emergencies happen just at the wrong time. You think things are all going well and then the cat starts to throw up some unidentified substance, your car starts to emit black smoke like its signalling for a rescue, and the roof springs a leak right above the bookcase.

Each of these things by themselves isn’t too much of an issue, but because they all happened in one week, it becomes a crisis. If you pay for all of these sudden emergencies, you won’t be able to pay your power bill or your car loan. If you miss those payments, then there could be extra fees and the possibility of getting bad credit.

You suddenly understand the saying ‘stuck between a rock and hard place’ in a far more vivid way. You really want to pay for everything, so you need a NZ cash loan service that can help you fast.

Get through to next payday with a cash advance

Cash Loans Now could provide you with a small loan that can get you through to your next pay day. It can help you deal with your emergency so you can avoid late payment fees and the possibility of bad credit. But most importantly, it can help you to deal with the stress that is bound to come along with such a frantic situation – and being able to deal with your situation in a stress-free way is half the battle. Because we are dedicated to helping remove stress from tough situations, Cash Loans Now upholds an internal Responsible Lending policy. This means that we will only lend you up to a percentage of your regular pay cheque to help ensure that you can affordably pay it back on time.

We understand that cash troubles can happen to anyone at any time, so our application form is available 24/7. Head over to the ‘Apply now’ tab to start the application process.